Carmen’s dream car

I think the picture pretty much says it all.

The new Camaro


Lap dogs

I always wondered what it would be like to actually have a small dog that would sit in your lap COMFORTABLY and chill. Well, James decided to try that with our dogs. 

Masco is VERY nervous about this

Jealousy at it’s finest. Scoop makes a MUCH better lap dog. She holds still!

Carmen’s birthday

Ok, so these are a little out of order, chronologically, but, hey, I really don’t care. I just wanted to get them on here, finally.  Here’s some pictures from Carmen’s 18th birthday.


bouquet of flowers

Sniff the rainbow

Blowing out the candles

Albany, do you remember this elder?

This is so totally ironic.  Our dear friend, Tyler King, served his mission in the Eugene, Oregon mission. He was in the Albany area for almost half a year, and he and whatever companion he had spent at least one evening a week with us for months. It was so neat. I’m so happy he did. It’s nice to have great friends even though they live far away!  Interestingly enough, the lovely and talented Brittany (Garrett) King (Ty’s wifey) has a connection to the Albany area as well. Her dad served his mission in this area. From what I understand, he remembers my mom and dad. Evidently mom used to do their laundry? (and they ate at our house!) I would have been 10, so I vaguely remember him. I thought that was super cool.

Elder Garrett

A Day at the Beach

   Carmen’s 18th birthday was on the 12th, and one of the things she wanted to do was to go to the beach with me… just her and mom.  So, we hopped in the car last Saturday, and spent the afternoon over in Newport. We walked thru all the waterfront shops like we always do. It was really nice weather… 65, and slightly overcast, with no breeze.

   We had lunch at Artic Circle (yay Lime Ricky!!) and walked down to the beach.  There were at least a hundred people lounging around, building sand castles, surfing, etc.  It was nice.   It started to get quite foggy, and visibility wasn’t very good. When the weather inland is hot, the fog rolls in in the bay.  Perhaps this is the reason San Francisco gets so much fog??  (the thought JUST occured to me)

Reminescent of the picture I took in July 2004 after I won custody of Mike and Carmen

“That’s right… this is MY beach!”

The fog’s rolling in

Brushing off all the sand

Summer, summer, summertime!!

So, about a month ago, I had mentioned to my boss that I was thinking about breaking down and buying a big pool this year. The heat is just too much for me.  My boss, Brian, tells me that he has a pool, and that if it’s all right with his wife, he’ll GIVE it to me, with everything I need to make it run including some chemicals.  So, obviously, his wife said get rid of it, and here it is!  I did discover that there is not a lot of even ground in my back yard…  this was the best we could do. 

The best free pool EVER!

Music, music everywhere

Carmen has been writing poetry for awhile now, and does very well at expressing her thoughts on paper. She asked if I could put one of her pieces to music. I was so hoping to be able to post the piece up here, but, alas, I cannot seem to get the file to upload…  Bummer!  It took me about a week to pull it together with her words. It’s just beautiful!

Prom – Going stag

So Carmen had her prom last weekend, and I took lots of pictures. She decided to go stag with a friend. I was only allowed to put certain ones up on Facebook… I thought the other ones were nice, so I suppose I will post them here. They’re all kind of luminescent. I liked them. She did not.

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Messing around with Light-room

April 27, 2012 at 10:33 pm (Pictures)

I knew that the Light-room program would be fun, but this is great!  Here’s some of my fun projects…


Revisiting the past

April 24, 2012 at 4:44 pm (The music in my head never stops!)

John and I went to visit our high school band teacher, Ephraim Hackett, this morning. It was wonderful to see him, and I got to play a recorded song I composed using my Finale music program. It made me so happy to hear that he liked my piece…. even though it would sound much better performed by an actual band/orchestra. It just lacks the human element of emotion.

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